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Pierre AGUT was born in 1983 and started music with piano. He soon chose to become a composer. After a musicology course at Paris-La Sorbonne University, he attended courses in musical writing and analysis at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Dance de Paris (CNSMDP). Pierre Agut holds the Master for specialized art education.

Sensitive to the links that music establishes between the performer and the audience, his work is on the one hand sound research for professional ensembles and musicians, and on the other hand educational research aimed for budding young musicians.


Pierre Agut is member of the SACEM.

Sound research pieces : Cinq chants nocturnes (Five Nightly Songs) for the Monsolo quintet (first performed at the Musical Forum of Normandy in 2007), Growing Grain (# 1) for the Trio Klezele (1st performed at the International Musical Meetings of les Graves in 2008, also performed by the Itinéraire Ensemble at the Forum of Young Musical Creation in 2010). Many pieces are written for soloists : Frôlements for preparated piano (2007), TRACK for “singing” piano (Paris, 2010), InSight for violin with Isabelle Lesage (Paris 2011), Aviv for harp with Hélène Breschand (Paris, 2013), ... the path... for cello with Florent Renard-Payen (Paris, 2015, awarded by the Arras's Academy of Arts), To Peel a fruit for viola with Sylvain Durantel (Le Havre, 2015), Yuan for harpsichord with Xiaomo Zhang (Rueil-Malmaison, France, 2018), Ils étaient trois... for clarinet with Claire Demeulant (Paris, 2019).

Vocal works : Fermé pour travaux (Closed for Repairs) for voice and piano, in collaboration with the poet Wenceslas (Paris, 2008), Biscuits Suisses Exquis for soprano and piano (2012), Départ (Départure) for an a cappella mixed choir (Paris, 2014), L'Incanto degli occhi for soprano and oboe (2017), Le Mot et la Chose for soprano and viola da gamba (2018), Ein deutscher Psalm for mixed choir and orchestra (Awarded by the City of Homburg, Germany, 2018). With La Compagnie de L'Elechant and Le Leurre (Granville), a musical tale for young audience is first performed : Qu'une-Oreille (Granville, France, 2022).

Educational works : La Fin des haricots (A Story of Beans) for small orchestra (First prize at the Composition Competition of the Loiret in 2008), Les Contes de la couleuvre (Tales of the Grass-snake) for children's choir and piano (Paris, 2011), Allons à Brême! (Let's go to Bremen!) for children's choir and piano (selected and created at the Composition Competition of Boulogne-Billancourt in 2013), L'Histoire de Sido (The Story of Sido) for two bow instruments (published by La Sinfonie d'Orphée 2018), Jeux-gestes guitars ensemble (Paris, 2020), Chapeau pointu for children's choir and piano (Paris, 2021), Chasse l'aventure for horn and piano (Paris, 2022), Un jour, un chant for children's choir and piano (Paris, 2022), Vues, 6 musical landscapes for strings orchestra and percussions (Paris, 2023).


Space is given to electro-acoustic creation with A Short Symphony (2011-2012), The Broom's Ballad (2014), Rub it, cube! soundtrack for a choregraphy by Riina Koivisto (Hamburg, 2015), Global Water Dances for a choregraphic event by Riina Koivisto (Paris, 2017), Au commencement (Festival Futura, Crest, France, 2019).

Finally, a few forays into the world of audio-visual : Point de Fuite (Vanishing Point) (2006, dir. by Lasnibat Nicolas), Frôlements (Rustlings) (2007, 3rd prize at the Composition Competition of Short-movies of Sceaux), Venus Unspectacular - a debut collection for Johannes Böhl (2014).

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