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Some of my previous compositions.

Qu'une oreille, musical tale for young audiences

Musical tale for all audiences from 3 years old.

Composition (lyrics and music) : 2020-2022

First performance : December 2022, le Leurre, Granville (50)

Lyrics and music: Pierre Agut

Co-production: La Compagnie de l'éléchant /Le Leurre

"The door slams, the child leaves, two sprites disembark. That Qu'une-Oreille wakes up, passes from hand to hand, lives from voice to voice. A crossed spinning top, tumbled steps... Watch out! come back soon! The cuckoo is watching, but What ear will it find the way.x that amazes it?"

Trailer here

Presentation file and technical sheet here

Un jour, un chant
(One day, one song)

7 songs for children's choir and piano

Composition (lyrics and music) : 2017-2021

"Each morning its melody, each evening its harmony. Our movements and our gestures make each of our days unique. Our desires and our actions give rhythm to each past day. Each day has its own song: one day, one song."
Duration approximately 25 minutes.
Audio here

Interview and comments here

Score published by La Sinfonie d'Orphée here

Pointed hat, 6 songs for children's choirs, piano and narrator
Chapeau pointu
(Pointed hat)

For children's choir, piano and narrator.

6 songs, narration and interludes.

Composition : 2020-2021

Freely inspired by a children's story and thanks to various musical styles, Chapeau pointu will give young musicians the pleasure and the desire to sing together...

Duration approximately 25'.

Audio 1 (short) here

Audio 2 (long) here

Score published by La Sinfonie d'Orphée here

Ein deutscher Psalm

For mixed choir and symphony orchestra.

Composition : 2018 - Prize of the City of Hombourg (Saarland, Germany)

Sometimes ample, sometimes meditative, this composition for amateur choir sets to music a few verses from Psalm 39 in Martin Luther's version.

Duration 7' approximately.

Audio 1 (short) here

Audio 2 (full) here

Sheet music for sale at La Sinphonie d'Orphée Edition: conductor here

piano-vocal reduction here

piano-organ reduction here

Ein deutscher Psalm, for mixed choir and orchestra
Let's go to Bremen, for children's choir, body percussion and piano

Allons à Brême!
(Let's go to Bremen!)

For children's choir, body percussion and piano

Composition : 2013

"They were four musicians...
Dog, cat, rooster and donkey too...
Never had such music been heard... » 

According to the Brothers Grimm. Duration : approximately 6'

Audio 1 (short) here

Audio 2 (full) here

Score published by La Sinfonie d'Orphée here

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