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Vocal music : 

Ein deutscher Psalm for mixed choir and orchestra, Prize of the City of Hombourg (Saar, Germany)

Biscuits suisses exquis for soprano and piano

Allons à Brême! for children's choir and piano

Départ for an a-cappella mixed choir

Les Contes de la couleuvre for children's choir and piano

Scores for ensembles/orchestra :

Chasse l'aventure! for french horn and piano 1st grade

L'Histoire de Sido, for 2 violins, or 2 violas or 2 cellos  1st/2d grade

La Fin des haricots for a first grade orchestra

Scores for solo instruments :

Aviv for solo harp

Frôlements for preparated piano

InSight for solo violin​ 


Records :

To peel a fruit for solo amplified viola on the CD La Cuisine à l'alto

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